Connected X Challenge

Idea submission closed since December 14th 2016.

The best 10 concepts have already been selected. The winning ideas and their inventors have been announced in the course of the CeBIT technology fair on March 21st 2017.

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Vodafone Connected X Challenge

As opposed to the Broadband, Narrowband channel allows the upload of the small pieces of information (~ 20 kbps). The cost-efficient modules have a size of only 2 square centimeters and are easily installed, being a part of the cellular network. Further features are depicted in the infographic on the left.

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5.000 € + Cooperation with Vodafone Open Lab
3.000 € + Cooperation with Vodafone Open Lab
2.000 € + Cooperation with Vodafone Open Lab
Devices such as iPad Pro, iPhone 7, Smart Platinum 7

Latest ideas

Ball bearings heat check
by Joseph Schumpeter on 14.12.2016
(1) (3)
Ball bearings of machinery within the industrial context have to be replaced because of abrasion. Th...
Outback fire emergency alert
by Joseph Schumpeter on 14.12.2016
(2) (2)
Every year, news about forest fires destroy thousands of hectars of land and cost millions of dollar...
Smart wildlife conservation
by NICOLAE-MADALIN NEAG on 14.12.2016
(1) (4)
Initiative description: There are so many animals close to the extinction d...
Snow load advance warning
by Joseph Schumpeter on 14.12.2016
(3) (5)
Back in 2006, 15 people were killed because the roof of a big hall for indoor ice skiing broke down....
Intelligent flow networks
by Antony Pinch on 14.12.2016
(1) (2)
By utilising the capabilities of Connected X you could implement devices across a flow network (oil,...
The right parking place for cars
by Mirabela Bratu on 14.12.2016
(1) (1)
In every big city people who are getting around and need to stop for different locations always wast...
Street lighting surveillance to improve maintenance
by Joseph Schumpeter on 14.12.2016
(1) (3)
Municipalities maintain many street lightnings. They are turnt on and off every day. If there is a p...


Sonja Graf
Director Technology Integration & Validation, Vodafone Germany
Michael Reinartz
Director Innovation, Vodafone Germany
Dr. Eric Kuisch
Technology Director, Vodafone Germany
Anna Dimitrova
Director Strategy & Digital, Vodafone Germany
Prof. Frank Piller
RWTH Aachen
Prof. Johann F├╝ller
Universit├Ąt Innsbruck